Out of Office Replies

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Out of Office. If you need me, don’t.

I’ve traveled, well, a lot. I like to think of myself having an undergraduate degree and a worldly education, which I hold higher than that of what I learned at university. I haven’t traveled so much recently, but am looking forward to getting back into the passport-swipe soon.

Without further ado, here are some of my tip for making your travel experience not only unique, but also adventurous in the best way possible!

Take Public Transportation: I’m not one to use a subway in New York, but when in Europe, the metro system is so clean, safe & efficient that I loved catching a bus or train wherever I went! And yes, even in Paris, I felt totally safe. It’s genuinely reliable and I recommend it.

Purchase a Souvenir: I grabbed bier steins whenever I was gallivanting around Europe and I love that my memories aren’t from the typical gift shop in the airport. I’ve also bought hand-sewn scarves in Africa, potholders in Peru & stunning leather baseballs in Costa Rica. Having tschockes in my home that are unique and beautiful remind me of the best times ever. And unlike a shirt, you can’t outgrow a baseball.

Eat at a Restaurant Recommended by a Local: When my mom came to Paris with me, we were recommended to eat at Alfio. To this day, that is one of my favorite eateries and I suggest it to everyone! It’s a family-run pasta parlor with the kindest hosts.

Learn the Language: I am fluent in German, Spanish & English and am working on French. Locals absolutely love it when you make the effort to speak the native tongue and nothing’s more beautiful than conversing and understanding the people from your favorite destinations.

Challenge Yourself to Try Something New: I didn’t eat mushrooms until I moved to Germany. I preferred oceans over deserts until I slept in the Sahara Desert. There are so many simple things we would never think we’d love just because we’re comfortable in routine.

Traveling is my passion project and learning the cultures that make our world so wonderful is incredibly important to me & something I hope to expose my children to from the start of their life. Thinking of walking around Girona, Spain and stumbling across a filming of Game of Thrones or hearing the joyful shrieks of children who sleep on cold tile when you sing with them in Ventanilla, Peru are moments greater than watching Netflix and waiting for the world to change.

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