Sweet Sunday No. 29

Photo Dec 15, 16 05 05

The Good List: Unpacking & reminiscing

What I’m Here For

What A Week: I cannot stress this enough, it felt like it had been two weeks on Tuesday. All I wanted to do at 10:19 on Tuesday morning was rewind four hours and go back to bed. But, with the Posey family Christmas motivating me, I made it through the week and couldn’t have been more elated to make the trek down to the farm and catch up with cousins. They revived me & got me in the holiday spirit…finally.

My FAVORITE Kind Of Thanks: Last week I mentioned that two of my sweetest friends got married. Well, this week I came home from work to the most precious thank-you note…a Venus et Fleur flower! I got one for my birthday and it is still thriving so I’m so excited to have another one! Also, taking notes for my thank-you notes because the bar has been set!

Gettin’ Our Holly Jolly On: The boy & I took Wednesday night to load up in the car and go for a joy ride through Nichols Hills and look at all of the beautiful and huge Christmas lights that the neighborhood put up. They were gorgeous & really set the bar high for the future.

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