Cheese the Day!

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A silent drum roll for my favorite restaurant in all of OKC – The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen!

I’ve had a lot of pizza in my day, from Blaze to Pizza Hut and the authentic pies in Europe. Hall’s is right up there with the Italians! Their menu is extensive and creative in the best way possible. I love pairing a few slices with their white sangria & blissfully enjoying my food coma.

My pies of recommendation, which I always do half of each are the Blanco and the Quinn.

Quinn’s Burrata, the appetizer, is a burrata with truffle honey, prosciutto & calabrese olive oil. Are you drooling yet? The best part is, they’ll transfer it to some pizza dough so you have more to love and chomp on!

As for the Blanco, it is a heaven of fresh mozzarella, calabrese olive oil, garlic, smoked sea salt and parmigiano reggiano. Are you kidding me? If that doesn’t sound like a beautiful pile of heaven, then I don’t know what does!

What I’m trying to tell you is that there’s no need for leftovers because you will scarf it all down! It’s a beautiful kitchen, phenomenal food and don’t skip out on the fluffiest cookies ever! My recommendation is the caramel-chocolate chip cookie.

And now, I’m peeling out of the driveway and headed there again.

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