The Gift of Giving

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Now that the holiday season has jingled all the way through, I wanted to share some of my favorite gifts that I purchased this holiday season…

For the Pups

I looked for a lot of toys and bones to give this year. Having a five-year old dog and a four-month old is a large difference. With one teething and one living his best life, I actually found the best gifts at Anthropologie! They had the cutest chews (like this France one) and I couldn’t resist! Fenway got a best in show chew and a pup-passport so basically he’s the coolest pup in OKC!

For the Mans

A first holiday together is super awkward. You’re still learning about each other and different quirks but I found the perfect gift. My go-to shop for brothers, fathers and boyfriends alike is Uncommon Goods. I got my dude the coolest baseball historical that the New York Times personalized for him. It was the perfect gift & a total steal (baseball pun intended).

For my Gals

I am obsessed with Diptyque. I love gifting candles and usually go for a Capri Blue one but these had the most stunning packaging and labels & my little Parisian heart just couldn’t resist! I pair them with something extra, either a personalized object or frame, so that it’s showing just how homely it can be! For my besties, I went to Uncommon Goods or Anthropologie to throw in something cute!

What are some of your favorite go-to gifts?

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This post may contain endorsements – as always, all opinions are my own. 

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