Sweet Sunday No. 30

Photo Dec 24, 14 27 12

The Good List: A bowl of popcorn at the ready, cheesy rom-coms on Netflix & warm hand-holds.

What I’m Here For

Beachy Pumpkin-Bum: While I was visiting family last week, I couldn’t resist taking Fenway on his first beach adventure! He loved the sand, hated the water…we’ll work on it! The beach is my favorite place and something I’ve dearly missed having in my backyard over the past year so seeing how excited the little pumpkin butt got over the shells and seagulls made me oh so happy.

2019: I am so excited to close the door on 2018. The word for this year is resilience. The capacity to recover from broken friendships, relationships & expectations. Being granted elasticity to complete each challenge and grow from it has been a necessity and a humbling privilege.

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

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