Vacay from a Vacay

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Can you believe it’s January!! I am freaking out that 2019 is here but I am not kidding when I tell you that I started the new year off right! Priorities.

After a holiday in Texas with the family, it was time to hit the slopes and play with that good, old, white powder…snow, of course! Skiing is my favorite winter activity by far and it’s such an incredible workout. Glisten while you work, am I right?

Packing for a brief holiday is easier said than done & I am so looking forward to sharing all of the fun I had, but first…luggage.

Hitting the Slopes

I prefer to layer my leggings under ski pants – water resistant & warm at the same time is a combination that cannot be beat. I love a good sweater (makes changing apres ski easier) under a shell. Side note, the shell I got this year was perfect!! Pair it all with some wool socks and you’re good to go.

Apres Ski

Unlike most people (maybe) I like to go full-fashion post-ski. I bought my Northface boots when I moved to Germany and I cannot speak any higher of them! They’re comfortable, warm & stylish. I pair it all with my *new* metallic puffer and I’m set for mulled wine, cheese & quality gossip time.

Cabin Warmth

I love sitting at home, jeans on & cozied in a jumper while reading a book or sipping hot cocoa with my family, which might include some peppermint schnapps. Listening to all the Bublé (post-Christmas melodies) and playing card games makes life pretty unbeatable.

Thermal-less Thermal Baths

Basically my favorite part of a winter holiday, I put on a onesie to limit wedgies and bare tummies from a bikini while I run from bath to bath. Yes, Northface boots included.

The outfits are only to bring tidings and joy to your body, but don’t forget your favorite books (mine: here, here & here) and peaceful playlists! Also…don’t forget to enjoy your vacay from a holiday! Vacations are self love, too 😉

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