Sweet Sunday No. 32

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The Good List: Essays over expectations & suggestions but not standards

What I’m Here For

My Boys: The best part, undoubtedly, of coming home is coming home to someone & something. Seeing how excited Fen got when I walked through the door and the hugging exchanges from pup to babe was the most satisfactory way to come off of a week away.

Twenty-Four & More: Last week we celebrated Heidi because we were all together. Yesterday, was her actual birthday. Heidi is my big sis & has become my best friend as we’ve entered the season of young adulthood. We’re polar opposites in almost every way. She’s an extrovert and I am an introvert. She looks like mum & I look like dad. She knows me so well & loves me anyway. (I think haha)
23 brought her marriage, a home & a new career and yet I feel like 24 will be her best year! I’m always happily celebrating her but even more so this weekend! So, in a post she may or may not see, happy *belated* birthday!

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