Soothing Contentment

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“At some point, you gotta let go & sit still & allow contentment to come to you.”

As I shared last week, there was so much hustle, bustle and constant moving on this trip. I’m the type of vacationer that likes to go & go for days, but also allow some time for relaxation. Whether it’s a wine tasting or an extended lunch, I prefer to have a moment to simply be content.

I’ve dreamed of going to Colorado in the summer – beautiful hikes, streaming rivers & greenery everywhere. It’s an abyss that seems to be made for me. Since I haven’t gotten that far yet, I’ll settle for a more conventional way of relaxing…in a hot spring! In the middle of winter!

My absolute favorite thing to do when we go to Colorado is to take an afternoon or evening and soak, burn & watch the worries of my life seep out of my body in a steam that smells like sulfur. Wow, that sentence isn’t nearly as beautiful or eloquent as the process but there has to be some give and take!

With my new swimmie (I promise I’m over the missing luggage) and my Muery gals, I was happily bounding through the freezing cold ice to cannonball (hypothetically, of course) into volcanic-rock-lined tubs of pure fire. It was everything my little heart could have ever wished for.

It put a whole new meaning to relaxation, with the occasional dip in the freezing river to tingle and awaken my body. I understood three things as I left. The first being that I definitely should’ve drank more water over Diet Coke because dehydration was a real thing. The next thought that I’m really good at keeping my composure when barefoot and practically nude whilst briskly walking through ice and snow. The latter being that self-care is coming in hot in 2019.

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

Hannah was a guest of the Pagosa Hot Springs. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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