Up in the Gym


“Just workin’ on my fitness!”

By now I’ve shared that I work in sports but I have a deep history of being an athlete as well. One struggle that I’ve really had to adjust to in the real world is finding time to work out and focus on my health when I’m working and cookie and taking care of F-baby.

I’ve actually been asked by my friends what I do to workout, and honestly, it’s a little embarrassing but I thought I’d share with you because it’s super easy, at home (for the most part) and you can totally go at your own pace!

I do two things each week without fail – my personally designed The Office workout & Cyclebar. Cyclebar takes care of my heightened cardio and The Office workout takes care of my toning of my glutes & abs.

I go to Cyclebar once a week, it really depends on the day, because it’s affordable, I’m around people who have the same energy as me and I’m also getting a partial preaching to me from the trainer.

Now, The Office workout is incredible and so easy. It is literally working out while watching Dwight, Angela, Michael and the rest of the gang. I usually watch two or three episodes and I do this on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Keep reading and try it out!

Continuous Squats: Don’t skip the theme song and do this while it’s playing & do this when each person has their “confessional” interviews

30-Second Plank: Every time Michael offends someone

15 Crunches: Every time Jim looks at the camera

10 Single Leg Glute Bridge: Every time Angela acts annoyed (on each leg)

10 Rainbow Leg: “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam” (each leg)

10 Deep Squats: Every time Dwight says fact, question or Michael.

It’s really as easy as that! I have so much fun getting fit while watching my favorite show so time really flies & before you know it, you’ve been working out for at least 25 minutes (depending on how many episodes you watch). It’s been so much easier for me than joining a gym and I actually stay fit no matter how many custards I eat! You can do it!

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