Sweet Sunday (Monday) No. 34

Photo Feb 02, 08 28 38

The Good List: A brewing storm, learning the expressions of the one you adore & not setting an alarm.

What I’m Here For

Women in Sports: Wednesday was Women in Sports Day & I just felt all the love from the Dodgers for sharing my story and passion for working in sports! If you have a little free time, go check it out! They ran 12 hours of lady-content and it was just so appreciated by me.

Bier on Bier: I posted my Christmas gifting guide back around the holidays and now we’re onto the next gifting season. February is full of so much fun and birthdays and I am so excited for the pile of goodies I got for my guy! We’re attempting to eat out less and cook more so I gifted him this bier cookbook and, of course, a shower bier holder inspired by my brother-in-law. I put some extra goodies in with them, but didn’t want to give it all up with V-Day this week!

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

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