Sweet Sunday No. 35

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The Good List: Champagne, vodka, more champagne & then coffee.

What I’m Here For

Girls Night: I had my first girls night in a loooooong time, this past week. It was so fun from shopping (rip to my checking account), good food & even better conversation. I’m so excited for more outings and friendships just getting so much better!

What-a-Week: This week has been, well, anything but full of love & happiness. Which I know sounds weird, but I had so much that I was looking forward to and excited about that just didn’t happen. I’ve always struggled with comparison and am totally aware that it’s a thief of joy, but around holidays, it makes it even more difficult. What I’m learning now, is that I can work hard and adjust the things that I can control and roll with the things that I can’t.

A-Better-Weekend: This week was rough but this weekend was oh, so good! There was such quality & intentional conversation. It just really made up for a week of frustrations.

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