Happiness is Entirely Up to YOU

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As we’re only ONE MONTH away from Opening Day, I figured it was now or never to go full speed ahead in truly taking care of myself. One of my goals this year was to really focus on self-care. I’ve put together a 31 Day list of some simple way to treat myself throughout March and plan on recapping each week in my Sweet Sunday series.

Day One: Create a playlist of songs that make me feel good. Some of my favorite artists are Bazzi and Lauv, so I’m compiling a large lists of my favorites from them.

Day Two: Call a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with

Day Three: Go on a coffee date with one of your favorite people

Day Four: Burn your favorite scented candle. For me, that’s definitely the Capri Blue scent!

Day Five: Do a quick 15 minute jog

Day Six: Write a love letter to yourself

Day Seven: Clean out anyone you follow on social media who doesn’t make you feel good about yourself

Day Eight: Buy yourself your favorite flowers

Day Nine: Treat yourself to a yummy green smoothie

Day Ten: Invite a friend over for a wine night

Day Eleven: Take a picture of yourself without makeup on and write down everything you love about your face

Day Twelve: Go for a walk, just because!

Day  Thirteen: Watch your favorite comedy in your favorite pajamas…extra points if you invite friends over!

Day Fourteen: Take yourself on a date-night

Day Fifteen: Make a list of all of your accomplishments since last year

Day Sixteen: Write out a healthy meal plan for the week and stick to it

Day Seventeen: Create a Sunday Spa Day at home

Day Eighteen: Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger

Day Nineteen: Make a vision board

Day Twenty: Eat your favorite dessert

Day Twenty-One: Give yourself a manicure and pedicure

Day Twenty-Two: Make a list of 5 things you love about yourself

Day Twenty-Three: Go full KonMari and get rid of clothes that don’t spark joy

Day Twenty-Four: Sneak some leafy greens in your diet

Day Twenty-Five: Step away from your desk, at least once every other hour

Day Twenty-Six: Spend your evening reading your favorite book

Day Twenty-Seven: Participate in a workout class you’ve been wanting to try out

Day Twenty-Eight: Drink 10 glasses of water

Day Twenty-Nine: Buy a bottle of champagne and celebrate yourself!

Day Thirty: Buy that cute clothing article you’ve had your eye on for a while

Day Thirty-One: Buy the full size of your favorite perfume.

I strongly encourage that each and every one of you beautiful people try at least some of these, because like you, I’m striving to be the best version of myself and am sure to find some rituals to incorporate every day and week from this list.

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