Sweet Monday No. 37

Photo Mar 02, 18 22 36

The Good List: Traveling the world, battling bad habits & buying another iced coffee

What I’m Here For

Self Care Kickoff: I received so much love for my self care list and it made me feel overjoyed. With that, I know we’ve only been in March for a minute, but here’s a recap of what I’ve crossed off the list so far!

“Day One: create a playlist of songs that make you feel good” This one might’ve been the easiest because I’m constantly updating my Spotify playlists. Right now, I’m loving Day Dreaming by Jack & Jack and SCARS by Sick Individuals.

Day Two: call a friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with” I think I did one better because I had dinner and caught up with my girl, Kristina! I haven’t seen her since the day I left Florida so a girls night was long overdue!

Day Three: go on a coffee date with one of your favorite people” If by coffee you mean bier & by favorite people you mean the entire Boston Red Sox, then yes…I definitely did this yesterday!

My City, My Team: I am back in Fort Myers, baby! Yesterday I was so excited to watch my reigning World Champions play some spring ball! There’s nowhere I’d rather be than with a bier in my hand and bright whites on the field.

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