Baseball but Make it Female

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I always joke around that everyone who doesn’t love baseball just isn’t smart enough to get it. Haha. There are so many lessons to learn from baseball & as I flew to Florida to watch my boys play (and also enjoy some warm sunshine), I realized all of the lessons that baseball has taught me throughout my life.

Never Give Up: If there’s anything that you can learn from the Red Sox or whoever your favorite team is, it’s that anyone can come back in the 8th and win the game. So, when it feels like you can’t push through any longer, you’re big come back could be right around the corner.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Just like a batter or fielder has their eye on the ball, I’ve always done my best to keep my eye on the end goal.

Aim for the Fences: I often quote Shakespeare and that expectation is the root of all heartache. But you know what? Now, I’m trying to reach my goals in any way possible! And it’s totally okay if I don’t get there on the first “at-bat” because it’ll happen with determination.

Cheaters NEVER Win: There have been a lot of moments in my career where someone has taken a shortcut or credit for another person’s work. Yeah, it totally sucks. But, success isn’t achieved by shortcuts so at some point, the work will speak for itself.

If You Love It, Never Stop: Obviously I’ve never played baseball, but I’ve been part of the team since I was in highschool. Baseball is one of the few things that I fully understand and I love that I get to live the sport every day…and when I’m not writing for the Dodgers, I’m LOVING that Dirty Water!

…also, please tell me you noticed MEEEEEE with the 2018 World Series Trophy. A tear was shed. For real though.

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