Sweet Monday No. 38

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The Good List: Ballcaps on bad hair days & evenings with my guy

What I’m Here For

The Lil’ Weekly Check In: This week has certainly been interesting. I feel like it’s been go, go, go since I woke up at 2:30 (not kidding) on Monday and started my day. But, it’s been good & easy but fast & furious all at the same time. So here’s what I did & maybe what I didn’t get done.

Day Four: burn your favorite scented candle” With Fenway home again & the grueling process of unpacking began, a quick light of my favorite Capri Blue candle from Anthro alongside Vanderpump Rules made my chore less of a bore.

“Day Five: Do a quick 15 minute jog” I did not do this. Whoa. I’m coming off of a brutal sickness that has destroyed literally everything in my body, but I have full intentions of making it up.

Day Six: Write a love letter to yourself” This was the more uncomfortable thing for me to do. I never really think of myself and will continuously put others before me, but this letter was a moment to brag on myself. And as awkward as it was to write, it was amazing to read back to myself.

Day Seven: Clean out anyone you follow on social media that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself” THIS!!! I didn’t clean out absolutely everyone, but I did get the ball rolling and I already feel so much better.

Day Eight: Buy yourself your favorite flowers” Ugh, this is something I didn’t get the chance to do because my brother was in town, but that made it so much better than buying myself flowers!

Going to the Chapel: And my best friend is going to get married! I know you’re probs thinking, how can you have so many besties? Well, I have three & they’re the people I would do anything for! And one of them is engaged! Out of respect for her privacy, I won’t add any more details other than I sobbed when she called me, sobbed when we were texting and have been anxiously withholding this knowledge for what feels like forever!

Blood is Thicker than La Croix: My brother booked a last minute trip to come see me and it made my week! My weekend didn’t necessarily start off great, but by Saturday, things were in full swing and it was wonderful! We tried new restaurants, he met my guy & he had Fenway cuddles all weekend long!

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