The Happiest Weekend

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Lately I’ve been doing my best to avoid people who make it feel like I’m hard to love. Which you think would be easy, but it is so not. When Corey needed to flee Austin and I needed to get away from crummy weather, Dallas seemed like the perfect place to meet up!

We both got in late Friday night so that was a bust, haha, but we picked things up for a perfect Saturday filled with catching up, eating good & spending all of our money.

The first stop was brunch at Bread Winners. With a mimosa on deck and a scramble sizzling in front of me, our girls’ day was off to a roaring start! And no worries, Fenway was able to join in on brunch with his very first pup-cup.

If you haven’t been to Bread Winners, I suggest getting there a little early because it is first come, first serve. But while you’re being waited upon, you get the best bread. Are you shocked by the name?

We moved on to Nordstroms and stores of the sort to spend all of our hard-earned money.

Our next stop was Happiest Hour. This bar was so much fun & dog friendly so Fenway had the time of his life! We had some good wine, socialized a little and enjoyed the warm sun before heading to Southlake for dinner.

Over all, the weekend was incredible and much needed. From good food to good company, I rode the high of girl-time all the week through! And I can’t wait for us to meet up again!

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