Sweet Sunday No. 39

Photo Mar 16, 16 34 20

Photo Mar 16, 16 35 04

The Good List: Baseball, Taco Bell & lots of laughs

What I’m Here For

Not a Baaaaaaad Day: I spent Saturday morning chasing around alpaca and cuddling with baby goats at goat yoga! I’ve never done goat yoga before but the experience with these little nuggets was incredible!

You Like My Hair? Gee, Thanks: I finally got the dead ends cut off of my hair and I feel so much lighter and happier! It’s truly amazing what a good deep conditioning and six-inch chop can do!

What I’m Learning: Self-care is more of a task then I imagined it would be. Haha. How cliche is that? Anyway, here’s your weekly update…

Day Ten: Invite a friend over for wine night” Instead of a wine night, I had some friends over to finish off some bourbon that’s been in my freezer for months. We were awake very late & had such a goofy and great night.

Day Eleven: Take a picture of yourself without makeup on and write down everything you love about your face” This is one of my least favorite tasks. I wear mascara and moisturizer (at minimum) everyday so it’s really hard & out of my comfort zone to go fresh faced. But I will say, my favorite feature is definitely my eyes.

Day Twelve: Go for a walk, just because!” I worked a 13 (!!!) hour day at the ballpark so I went on a few walks around the stadium and managed to get in 3 miles, which felt really great.

Day Thirteen: Watch your favorite comedy in your favorite pajamas” My favorite comedy right now is definitely Mama Mia 2, so I curled up in my favorite free people bra and Nordstrom leggings (I say this because they’re the best) and grabbed a smoothie from Panera. All was right in the world and it was such a relaxing night!

Day Fourteen: Take yourself on a date night” I have been craving sushi for a week now and so I treated myself to my favorite place with my favorite roll. Totally a phenomenal self-date!

Day Fifteen: Make a list of all of your accomplishments since last year” I think my biggest accomplishments were healthier relationships & happier work environment.

“Day Sixteen: Write out a healthy meal plan for the week and stick to it” This resulted in a lot of salad and mixed veggies for rice bowls and I can’t wait!!

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50


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