We are the Champions

Photo Mar 10, 11 25 36

Photo Mar 10, 12 08 51

I am going to do something super bold right now.

Are you ready?

I’m going to declare myself as the leading expert on brunch. I may not be the most attractive or most intelligent but I do know how to eat the best food possible.

Located in Midtown, in the smallest little diner where you literally brave the cold (or heat) outside, is the most heavenly breakfast you will ever have in your life.

I’m not usually a sweets person, or a sweet person, but I ordered the Cinnamon Roll Waffle with spiced butter, warm pecan crumble and vanilla frosting. It was literally like Cinnabon met a waffle and I had never been more elated.

Nick and G got the same meal and had bacon, egg and cheddar wrapped in a waffle and it looked and smelled incredible.

We left so full and smiling ear to ear! I highly recommend this hot spot if you’re ever in the area. You will not be disappointed!!

And while it may be called Waffle Champion, we were all champions eating there.

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

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