Sweet Sunday No. 42

Photo Apr 04, 18 25 43

The Good List: No makeup, sweatpants & a wine glass of Diet Coke

What I’m Here For

I Like Eggs: It’s no surprise that I love brunch so any time that I can incorporate eggs into my meals, I am all for it. This week as part of my Hannah & Joanna mission, I made the Egg Salad Sandwiches (sans onions) and it was amazing! Now that we’re in season, I’m working out again and being healthier so this was a great start and the taste was super yummy!

You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie: Clayton Kershaw came to town and it was such a fun Opening Night! My mum and boyfriend were there to support and I had the best time, even though it was completely exhausting!

Self-Care: I decided not to do the final day of the March Self-Care challenge because on Saturday I bought a new laptop and that was better than any bottle of perfume. Haha. I’m really excited to recap about everything because I think I learned some tricks that were really good for me!

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

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