Stop & Smell the Roses

Photo Mar 19, 18 02 43

Now that we’re well into April (hello, crazy), I think it’s time to recap on what I want to incorporate more of into my weekly routine & caring for myself!

I love coffee dates so meeting up with my gals is just so ideal. I met with my girl Ash a week ago and we talked for hours about life and the future, from work to love. It was too good for the heart!

I think it’s also so healthy to clean out anyone you follow on social media who doesn’t genuinely bring happiness to your life. Working in marketing and communications, I spend a lot of time on social media, so the craziness can be controlled by only seeing those I love!

Going for a walk, just because, is also something I want to do more of. I work out almost every day but taking Fenway out to the water or just holding hands with my guy as we walk around the golf course, brought a feeling of peace I hadn’t felt before.  

I also really want continue reading parts of books before bed and drinking 10 glasses of water (at least) because it’s so good for the soul!

There are so many things I’ll incorporate every once in a while, but creating a religious routine will just make the stress go down & the endorphins rise. I loved taking time for myself and focusing on me for March, and it did so well. I strongly recommend this (or parts of it) for anyone who needs a little love but doesn’t know where to find it.

& now back to the scheduled brunch programming 😉

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