Sweet Monday No. 43


The Good List: Spring sunshine, car rides through the countryside & root beer floats

What I’m Here For

A Line Drive to the Face: On our game Monday, I was sitting behind the dugout and received a painful blow to the face from a foul ball. After a quick trip to the doctor, I found out that I had a zygomatic maxillary fracture, or cracks in my cheekbone and jaw. It wasn’t the most ideal situation but it’s a good opportunity for me to expand my liquid diet.

Dunk It not Dunkin’: This weekend I headed out to College Station to visit my family as Nick was receiving his senior ring. It feels like just yesterday that I was in my senior year so it’s wild to me that it’s Nick’s time now. It was a weekend full of good food (well whatever I could chew) and fun times! And this time, Heidi was around for one of my sporadic visits. Also, in case you were wondering, Fenway loved all of the attention he was getting.

No Joanna for Hannah: If you didn’t read the above, I’m on a liquid diet so I didn’t complete the Hannah and Joanna recipe challenge for the week. Once I’m good and healthy, we’ll get back on track!

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

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