I’m Pressed

Photo Apr 17, 12 54 12

Photo Apr 17, 12 58 36

I’m always feeling pressed to drive down to KFC and get a $5-Fill Up (don’t judge me) but now that I’ve been to The Press, I have a new obsession for just around the same price.

A coworker and I went to lunch because we both had a hankering for a mashed potato bowl & let me tell you…there’s nothing quite like this bowl! The chicken was so crispy and crunchy and the mashed potatoes were homemade and phenomenal.

I really just want to go back everyday but my body really doesn’t need that!

It’s located in one of my favorite places in the city next to so many great restaurants, so it really just gets better for me with that & the aesthetic. And now I’m realizing that it’s good that I’m the girl in the screen, because you’d see me drooling if I wasn’t.

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

Hannah was a guest of The Press. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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