How to Stay Sane


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Can I harp on self-care any longer? I know you’re probably thinking that you get it and are totally aware that I’m constantly working on myself. I want to shine some light on my working ladies and call out that it’s flippin’ hard sometimes to stay sane.

And to be honest, I struggle with staying sane and confident more often than I want to admit.

I love baseball so much, but some weeks just aren’t easy. If you think about it, we’re working 19 hours a day and not as loved or adored as the players…which is fine! I know that I don’t have all of the answers, but I think in the seven years that I’ve been doing this whole baseball thing, I’ve learned that a support system and a plan are the best way to tackle each week.

Plan: I am a huge planner & my boyfriend makes fun of me all the time. I have four, yes 4, planners. One is an appointment/hourly planner, a social/personal planner, a phone planner and a monthly planner. I write any and everything down. This is the easiest way for me to have my composure throughout the season & nothing is forgotten. Little moments like sending my bestie a “bride” corkscrew or getting a green smoothie for myself amongst meetings and cleaning, it truly helps to check off a box.

Wake Up and Get Moving: On days where I worked into the middle of the night & have to get up a couple of hours later, it’s important to jump up and move. I can’t control much, which is something that I struggle with, but getting my day started is definitely something that I have full control over.

Make Friends: This was the HARDEST thing for me & has always been a struggle when I move to a new area. However!! I made some female friends at work that were perfect for a happy hour or coffee date, and it was so needed! I also, shamelessly, downloaded Bumble BFF and met my Okie Bestie, Ash, who was definitely a God-send. From dinner to shopping and workouts in between, she was the friend I needed terribly! There is no way to be a woman in baseball without a strong group of gals. I’m serious. It was so important for me to reach out and make friends.

Work It Out: The first few months of being in a new city, the last thing I wanted to do after working all day was working out. But man, did my body feel so much better when I got back into a physical routine. Endorphins also make you happy & well, you know the rest ;). Even though getting sweaty isn’t always on the top of my priority list, it really does help me stay sane, especially in the busy season!

The way we approach being working women really can determine our whole outlook on life and it’s really all about loving ourselves while appreciating how our careers make us who we are. I definitely don’t have it figured out & there’s always going to be struggle with balancing life, love & work. However, I do think there are ways that we can make it easier on ourselves.

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