Traveling with Friends



I’m counting down the days until Friday when I can set my out-of-office message on and go see my girl, Margs! Nothing is better than having a weekend with your best girls, literally nothing! Whether it’s a trip to Greece or a quick weekend road trip, traveling with your bestie is the most incredible experience whether you’re in Marfa or down by Disney.  

However, let’s talk about stress, baby. More importantly, let’s talk about how to not let the stress of traveling damage a beautiful friendship.

My best friends and I travel really well together. Corey and I have never had any problems and I’d jump on a plane or get in the car to speed towards our next trip. Margaux and I have also always had amazing experiences with no problems, just loads of excitement. Also, ahem, if any brands want to sponsor our next trip…you can shoot your shot.

Before Corey and I first started traveling together, I made sure to think of what would make our trip so great…and we all know that I thought it was the best trip ever.

Get on the Same Page: Corey and I always plan ahead before we go somewhere! Whether it’s a girls weekend in Dallas or a trip to Disney, there’s a lot of planning (mainly food) that goes into it. We’ll figure out all of the activities that we want to do and then leave a little time to throw in some extra fun.

Be Flexible: Things happen, life happens. So don’t sweat the small things and just be excited that you’re going to be able to spend time together!

Swipe Right on Each Other: Some gals are good for brunch, some are great for venting and others are just the ones you connect with on every level. Corey and I & Margaux and I have similar personalities and habits. We both are used to flying standby, so flights don’t stress us out, especially if there are problems. We also love the same food, so that also makes decisions easier. Anyway, I recommend finding someone with similar travel desires as you.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun: You’re traveling with your bestie and that’s the best ever. Don’t let the stress get to you and don’t focus on the bumps. Kick back, relax and all will be amazing!

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