Sweet Sunday No. 47


The Good List: Laughter from your dearest friend, the smell of peppermint-green tea & a happy afternoon with the sun streaming in

What I’m Here For

So Bed, Bath & Beyond Excited: It’s been a looooooong two years (wow!!) since I’ve seen my girl Margaux. We’ve been everywhere together, from Greece to Germany and Washington D.C. with some picnics in Malibu in between. It felt surreal to squeeze her again and catch up on everything all while celebrating her new ring…I mean fiance! I just love my Margs so much. She’s the happiest, most genuine and beautiful person I know and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of a lifetime of happiness other than her!

Reunited…Soon: It’s been over three weeks since I sent Fenway to my parent’s home and I miss him so stinkin’ bad! I have a red-eye tonight from Margaux’s and then G and I are headed to Waco to go pick up our little service sausage.

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

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