To Room or Not to Room With


I was walking around Target on Saturday night and I truly screamed when I saw that there were already back-to-school supplies out (I mean, come on, it was still frickin’ June). But then, it got me thinking about all the green, young & excited people about to go to college for the first time. 

I also have no idea how I’ve been out of college for over two years now

Living alone isn’t always in the budget, believe me, it still isn’t for me. That being said, most will have a roommate or two or a few. There are so many incredible benefits to living with another person or group of people. A lot of people will actually interview their future roomies because, you know, this person is going to see your dirty laundry, literally

It’s so important to learn as much as possible about your future roommate, and please heed my advice because I’ve seen it all and experienced what is probably the worst when it comes to living with others. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to feel uncomfortable in their own home. 

Whether you’re on your final roommate or just starting out, I’ve curated a few questions that’ll hopefully help you curate your ideal living situation.

What do you like to do with your free time? This one, as basic as it might sound, will help you know about their interests right off the bat. If you love brunch and baseball and your potential roommate hates brunch and couldn’t care less about baseball, it might not be the best match. This is the first way to see if you have any common interests, such as Netflix or hobbies.

What do you do for a living? How will you be paying bills? This is a super tricky question. I basically live my life as not talking about money, religion and politics so I hate bringing this up. BUT! It’s important to know if there will be any concern for them holding up the rent. It’s always super uncomfy but you’ll thank yourself later when you’re not making late payments on rent.

Are you in a relationship? Okay, so I might have been a crappy roommate…there was a time I moved and when I had this chat, I was single. Legitimately. The day I moved to my new city, I met my significant other and it was sparks that set a relationship fire. HOWEVER! Sometimes when your roommate has a significant other, it can feel like another person in the house EXCEPT they don’t pay rent. It’s okay to set boundaries with your roommate on this one and I so wish my roommate would have been more vocal and less passive aggressive about this topic. 

How do you feel about pets? Just talk it out. This one is pretty easy – allergies, annoyances and all of the above can be nipped in the bud super quickly.

What do you like to keep the temperature at? So I’ve had roommates that want it ice cold (which I have no problem with) and others that chill easily. The best solution is to come to a comfortable temperature that you can both coexist at. 

What does your typical daily schedule look like? This will help you map out your alone time. I’m a huge introvert so I love just relaxing at home and watching Sister Wives (my latest obsession). Conflicts may arise if you’re too similar, and believe me, I’ve had this happen as far as showers, cooking, getting ready in the morning…

Do you smoke? This question might not strike-up as important but it’s a huge deal breaker for me. I’m not rude about people smoking cigarettes or weed, but I would not be okay with my clothes, house & life smelling like it.

What are you looking for in a roommate? There have been times I’ve looked for my best friend in a roommate (cough cough Xtina) and other times I just wanted someone to split the rent with. It’s good to know before you move in together if you both want the same things.

Obviously there are so many other questions, deal breakers and ideal scenarios but hopefully these will help spark the bigger conversation. Now get your charcuterie boards ready for your housewarming because you’re (maybe) getting a roomie!

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