More Money, Less Probs


This is the first job I’ve had that I actually get a bonus & it feels like it’s almost the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. 

Getting a bonus is an absolute privilege & it’s so important for me to put it to good use. I have my eye on a total gift for myself, but I’m waiting until December so it can serve as a multi-purpose reward for a year of hard work and a Christmas present to myself.

40% to Pay Off Debt: Paying my debt from living a year abroad without a job and being unemployed for four months in 2018 is a hassle. My credit card debt is considered a top priority when it comes to eliminating my baggage.
I’m in the long process of becoming entirely debt-free. Student loan debt is challenging and my lowest priority since I’m working on clearing off two credit cards.

10% for Travel: Vacation funds need to come from somewhere, and that can be one of the hardest areas I find to save around especially since I love to explore new places. Travel costs, as we know, can add up quickly.
This year, traveling is taking the form of a mid-season trip to Puerto Rico. I tend to forget that I want to make my trip more extravagant than a normal outing, so if you’re not careful, a last minute dinner at a famous restaurant can add up over the quick trip to a cafe.

10% for Reinvesting in Me: I know, this sounds like this is just circling back to my bank account. Well…not exactly. I think of this portion of my bonus as building my brand (this blog, included) and helping me evolve my executive presence.
I took a Photoshop class earlier this year and I would love to continue taking those so that I can continue to grow at my day job. Lastly, I’d love to update some of my work basics, like the black pants that I’ve had for six years that are beginning to lose their form.

10% for Gifting: Something I really love being able to do is give gifts. Whether it’s the bachelorette trip I’m going on in August, the two weddings in November or Christmas being right around the corner, I want to make sure I have the funds to give the people I love the absolute best gifts.

30% for Me: The older I get, the more I need to feel like I’m rewarding myself instead of being rewarded by others. I’m becoming more aware that treating myself as an investment makes a difference in my overall well-being. Whatever this purchase might be for you, think about the little details of your daily life that would add a feel of luxury with a little better quality. Maybe it’s bowls from Anthropologie, a vintage Hermes scarf that reminds you of your grandmother or a YSL bag that you can pass down to your kids for years to come. 

If you get a bonus, how are you spending it? I would love to know!

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