Sweet Sunday No. 49


The Good List: Deleting “me” & replacing with “we”

What I’m Here For

Here I Go Again: The time has come again for me to move! Haha, I wish I was kidding but thankfully this is only a quick hop over to the next city so a 30 minute move sure beats cutting across multiple states. My mum flew out on Wednesday, we packed up my belongings and drove across town to my new house. I am so excited for this newest adventure of mine and am so sure it’s going to bring so much happiness. Hint: I also have a guest bedroom if anyone wants to visit. 

Pack the Bags: As I’m unpacking the house, I’m packing my suitcase because Garrett and I are headed to Puerto Rico! I have been desperately needing this vacation for what feels like forever and it’s going to be the most amazing thing to block all incoming messages, set the OOO email & spend some quality time with my dude for a week. We’ve mapped out so much of what we’re going to do and see, but if anyone has any suggestions for San Juan, please share them with me!

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

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