Some of Y’all Never Had Bacardí for Breakfast

















After a restful night, we woke up to the sun through the curtains and the water hitting the shore and smiled because it was time to go on the Bacardí Distillery Tour

This was probably my favorite day of our vacation and it was worth every penny spent. We started off with breakfast at Zest, a restaurant at the hotel. I had Puerto Rican coffee for the first time and it was out of this world. 

After we were done eating, we Ubered to Bacardí and that’s where the real fun began.

We chose to do the rum tasting & I can’t recommend it enough. Christian, a junior ambassador, was our guide and he went above and beyond with information and fun adventures for us. We started off with a welcome drink on the patio and then headed into the distillery tour before sampling six rums. My personal favorites were the Bacardí Reserva Diez which had a sweet and tropical taste and the Bacardí Special Reserve which has a butterscotch taste. Unfortunately the Special Reserve is only sold at the island, but I will gladly spend the extra cash on the Reserva Diez.

When we completed our tour, we went back to the patio and decided to have a Coco Loco in a coconut. It was the perfect end to our tour.

We traveled to Lote 23 for lunch, which is basically food truck Mecca. There we had lunch at Nacho Libre where I can assure their fried mushrooms are worth everything. With a cold, bottled Coke to wash it down, we headed back to the hotel to lay out on the beach.

G and I spent the afternoon talking about everything we loved about our day and how beautiful the weather was before it was closing time and it was onto the next stop – 1919.

1919 is a Michelin Star-rated restaurant nestled in the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel. The service is incredible, the food is delectable and the price is astronomical. But worth it. 

I enjoyed the Chayote Salad which was goat cheese, cilantro, citrus, kale, basil and mint as my first course. I followed it with the Ravioli dish which was the best ever. The pasta was stuffed with swiss chard, spinach, ricotta and dressed with a parmesan-Madagascar pepper cream. Are you drooling? Garrett opened dinner with the ravioli and followed it with the Slow Cooked King Salmon.

After very little thinking, we fell in love.

We paired our meals with an incredible Riesling and the lovely staff gifted us with a dessert platter containing lemon curd, macarons and more! 

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