Chasing Waterfalls







After a day of drinking, it was time to get back on the exploration trail, so we headed to El Yunque National Forest! 

Fun fact: El Yunque is completely free and is the only tropical rainforest in the national forest system…pretty cool and beautiful to say the least. 

El Yunque is decently far from Old San Juan and Isla Verde but I can’t recommend heading over there enough – it was totally worth it. And yes, it did rain on us multiple times so the title rainforest is not a hoax. 

The disappointing side of this rainforest is that it is still facing major damage from Hurricane Maria so a lot of the trails are still closed. However, if adventure doesn’t frighten you, go ahead and cross the barriers and you might find some of the most beautiful, hidden waterfalls. (see above)

After diving into some freezing water and enjoying the sound of cascading falls, we threw on our soaked clothes and headed back to Isla Verde where Garrett met up with some baseball friends and I enjoyed the rooftop pool and a good book. 

It was a relaxing way to end our vacation, and I’m not going to lie, I would go back to Puerto Rico in a heartbeat. All in all, it felt really good to give our money to an island that is in a constant rebuilding stage due to hurricanes and tropical storms, especially with their lack of U.S. support. 

I could go on and on about how beautiful everything was and how incredible the people were, but I don’t want you to hit the snooze on me. 

So until my next vacation…

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