The Couple that Travels Together


Traveling with G is hands down one of the coolest things I could do. We learned so much about each other and got to explore an incredible place that we hadn’t been to before. There were so many lessons we learned while we were gone for a week & I just thought it was absolutely incredible. 

We strengthened our entire relationship: We found ourselves being so much happier with each other. As we trekked through the unknown, the dopamine released and the smiles spread. Puerto Rico for the win!

We learned how to be still together: G and I are usually surrounded by noise – whether it’s interruptions by a waiter, families calling our phones or Fenway jumping in between us every time we try to sneak a smooch. We were able to operate as a couple because we had literally no one to talk to but each other. I would find myself smiling at him after being lost in my thoughts and daydreams. It was just so nice to not have the everyday routine interrupting the small moments between us. 

We found out where we fall on the planning spectrum: I’m a crazy planner…we know this. Garrett is not. Between all of the booking of things, Pinteresting activities and checking Yelp, I learned that G loves to fly by the seat of his pants.

You smile, laugh & kiss more often than you can possibly imagine: We smiled at each other as we shoved all of the food in our faces, we laughed as waves knocked us down and we would just hold hands in the peaceful quiet. It was so serene and laughing with G is my absolute favorite. 

I felt confident that it didn’t matter where we were going because I was already there: The best part about traveling with G was that I was around the person I love the most. It was an adventure wherever we were and no matter what we were doing. 

Coming back from Puerto Rico, despite leaving paradise, we came out on top. I felt closer than ever to G, all while having an amazing time being with him.

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