Bears. Beets. Bumble Buzz.


It feels like all I do these days is talk about dating…and that’s kind of true. 

I have no shame in admitting that every guy I’ve dated since 2016 has been from a dating app. I’ve found the most success in Bumble but have found a couple of suitors on Hinge. I truly stay the heck away from Tinder though lol.

I majored in journalism and political science, but I became a master in online dating. 

From catfish scaries to whimsical daydreams, I’ve loved and I’ve lost from online dating. My greatest success, however, is my almost year-long relationship with mein Schatzi, Garrett. So, how did I win this guy over? Well keep on reading.

Make it Fun: there have been so many phenomenal and hysterical nights when Corey and I have gone over our recent matches and our profiles with each other. I’ve even helped my little brothers in setting up their profiles & I love it – from the algorithms to the swiping butterflies, it just makes the online dating world a little more lighthearted. 

Seek Unbiased Advice: I’ve had body dysmorphia for a really long time – yes, not being the hot blonde one does take a toll on you. It was super important to me to feel like I was being perceived as me. So, have a friend take over and help you decide which pictures you should post. The outside party can help find your most genuine & happiest photos. 

Ridin’ Solo: I’ve read loads of dating books (no shame in my game) and all of them recommend the same thing – make sure your first photo is just you! It shows confidence in yourself and not like you’re relying on others to up your worth and attraction.

Honesty is the Best Policy: My dating app bio was certainly humorous but true. I believe it read 

“The Office. Fenway. Queso Lover. Pepperdine ‘17”

It was simple, to the point and gave an immediate insight to the things that were important to me. It became a conversation continuer, so I highly recommend giving your potential matchees something they can really grasp. 

Be YOU: this is the most important. I spent so many years, especially in college, trying to be more than what I was & once I started to become more transparent, the guys started sticking. 

It’s a big old lake with some low swimming fish, but if you find the right spot and use the right tools, you’re bound to catch the perfect one for you. And as of right now, I’m glad to have hooked the one I’ve got. 

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