Touch Down Texas




I didn’t really feel like I missed out on much by going to Pepperdine for college, but one thing I felt like I didn’t get to experience was the excitement of college football!

Football is a major part of the Texas culture. It literally starts in the “little league” of football games and doesn’t stop until you’re debating the rivalry of the Longhorns and Aggies. Saturdays revolve around if those teams are having a home game or not and you grow up watching the touchdowns and tackles from under the Friday Night Lights.

So, I went to the sacred Red River Showdown, where OU met UT at the State Fair in Dallas and it was outstanding! I had the best time with my best friend and loved seeing all of the different styles and vibes brought to the Cotton Bowl. 

Here’s what I noticed and recommend for all my gals going out for tailgates and more – a cute skirt (I did corduroy) and a burnt orange jacket that turned all of the heads. I also threw on some over-the-knee boots and a statement belt and I was good to go. 

So pour your bier, get your face tattoos on and go-team-go!

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

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