A Little on the Side


Something that’s been missing in my life has been a creative outlet outside of my day-job. I’ve joined committees and groups outside of work, even volunteering, but there was still a gaping hole for a creative need. 

Having an outlet that you can turn to and invest your energy into can bring a positive reinforcement to your life. My mind is suddenly being utilized in a way that it hasn’t been in the last year. 

It hasn’t come easy, though. 

I had to really dig into what makes me happy and what I wished I was doing when I was bored. 

I am really passionate about aesthetics and events. I joined The Sassy Club and felt really less than when I was a part of it so I left it in August. I tried to shift myself into someone else to find a supportive group of friends and obviously that’s never a wise decision. 

So, I created the OKC Girl Gang

It’s truly just for a fun and to be a creative outlet for all women in the city. 

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself by setting my sights too high. This is supposed to be an intimate and authentic platform. I’m currently working on building a foundation for this community that I hope to create. 

I found a really incredible mentor. From her, I’ve learned the tricks of the trade and learned from someone else’s experience – it’s been beyond helpful. 

The biggest obstacle, if you will, has been prioritizing where this side project falls in my day-to-day. I have no idea what it could turn into but I’m incredibly optimistic. I’m finally utilizing my knowledge on social media and social cues to create something really genuine. 

If you’re on the fence about your side hustle – go for it! You’ll never know until you take a chance and you might just strike gold with it. 

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