Before You Wreck Yourself


The holiday gifting season is always one of the most stressful seasons. As much as I love giving gifts, budgeting and timing never seem to match up and I’m left flustered. 

Until this year! 

It is the first week of November and I am ecstatic to say that I have already purchased everyone’s Christmas presents! 

Whether you’re gifting an experience of a lifetime or a stocking full of trinkets, I realized my vibe for gifts this year in August and started securing presents for my friends and family starting in September. 

I obviously don’t want to share everything I purchased for my people this year, seeing that we’re in the midst of approaching gift-giving season, but I thought I’d share some of my favorite places to make purchases and what I’ve had my eyes on!

This has been the year of personalization, so everything I’ve purchased has been very specific to every person that it’s going to. 

Uncommon Goods: I LOVE Uncommon Goods and that’s where I bought Garrett’s gift last year. It’s a huge go-to for me to get unique gifts. Two items that I’ve had on my giving list this year are the Personalized Socks and the Egg on a Bagel Maker. They’re both incredibly useful and nice enough to last long after the holiday season.

YSJewels on Etsy: I am living for these cute trinkets (and am also asking for some for myself). I think it’s a sweet reminder of the elementary days when we would make the “letter” bracelets but with a more adult take on them. 

TLWBespoke on Etsy: I wasn’t kidding when I said this was the year of personalization! I’ve purchased wallets and passport covers that are all unique to the person receiving them and I can’t wait to see them open their packages! I am so obsessed with these hand-painted luggage tags and I think they just add the perfect pop to every bag on the luggage carousel.

What gifts are you all thinking of giving this year? I can’t wait to put mine under the tree! 

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