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I am slowly finding my favorite places in Oklahoma. Which probably means it’s time to pick up and move again, haha! 

I’ve had the most incredible time exploring and trying out all of the coffee shops from Edmond to Yukon and everywhere in between. Truth be told, I love trying new coffee places so it’s hard for me to become a regular somewhere. But, through my explorations, I’ve come across Cafe Disco and WOW, I love it!

This might be one of my favorite coffee places ever and it totally helps that there are so many The Office references, from their Finer Things Club to being named Cafe Disco. The atmosphere is small but cozy and the options are slim, which helps me make decisions on what I want. 

Cafe Disco brings out my inner Francophile so it’s my perfect mid-day escape from the office. And here’s what I get…

Vanilla Bean Macaron: It’s no Laduree but it’ll definitely do! 

Strawberry Macaron: Pair this with the vanilla bean & it’s the strawberries and creme dream! 

Matcha Latte: Like every other female, I’m on the matcha craze. If I get it from Starbucks, I go for the Matcha Lemonade, but at a coffee shop – they really know how to do a latte! It also helps that matcha is high in EGCG which is believed to have cancer-fighting effects on the body and prevent heart disease. AMEN! Let’s scoop it into our body.

Safe to say, this is one of my favorite cafes in the OKC and if you’re ever in the area, let me know and we can toast with our macarons. 

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