You & Me from the Night Before


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Instead of going through my goals for 2020 and how I have a clear vision (still my favorite pun) for the upcoming year, I thought it would be fun to go back through all of the moments from this year!

Best Moment of the Year: On December 23, I took G to where I went to high school (arguably the worst four years of my life). It allowed him the opportunity to see why I was the way I am & why I was so desperate to leave and never come back. It was great to experience alongside him and I’m humbled by him having the opportunity to live it with me. 

Hardest I Laughed this Year: There was a day at work where we were walking to lunch and there were autumn leaves on the sidewalk. Jennings, my coworker, lifted some leaves for a basic boomerang and the dampened & filthy leaves caught wind and plastered another coworker of mine. We were all doubled over with laughter and it was one of the most memorable moments of my entire life. 

Day this Past Year I’d Live Over and Over: March 23, 2019. This was the day that Garrett told me that he loved me and it was the most amazing that I’ve ever felt. We had the most amazing day in general, a phenomenal time with his family and then ending the night sharing that special moment with each other…it was just wow

Favorite Song of the Year: I couldn’t quit listening to Dan Talevski’s If I Ain’t Got You. It’s the most cheerful and loving song that I found this year – it kept me upbeat, smiling and I could listen to it a million times. 

Best Movie of the Year: Technically this movie came out last year but I didn’t see it until January…I freakin’ loved Vice. It was an incredible satire and I was hooked for every minute of it. If you haven’t seen it, get it now! 

Most Memorable Trip of the Year: Obviously this was my trip with Garrett to Puerto Rico. It was our first trip together and so full of adventure and love. 

Best Thing I Did for Someone Else this Year: This feels icky because it feels like I’m bragging, but here we go. One day during June this year, I was getting fuel and there was a woman on the street corner, begging and in a wheelchair. For some reason, I felt incredibly pulled to her and it was a rare occasion that I had cash on me. I grabbed a couple of dollars and two sparkling waters from my car and ran over to her. The emotion and gratefulness from this sweet woman made it all worth it and it was the most humbling moment of the entire year. 

Best Conversation I Had this Year: I’ve had so many incredible moments this year and even better conversations. I think I would chalk the best conversation that I had this year, to my girl Ashlyn. We’ve spent hours in coffee shops just talking through relationships, friendships & our careers. Every time I see her, I feel so fulfilled. 

Best Piece of Advice I Got this Year: At lunch with Olympic Gold Medalist Billy Mills, he said the most profound thing I had heard. The advice, if you will, was “perception can either make you or break you.” It’s so incredibly true and so wild that I needed someone to actually speak it for it to register. 

Favorite Holiday Memory of the Year: Garrett and I went to my parents’ house for Christmas but my favorite holiday memory of the year was when Garrett and I had our own little Christmas at home on December 19. It was just us, cozy sweaters & blankets and opening gifts together. It was beautiful and wonderful. 

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