Sweet Sunday No. 51


The Good List: Bed days, ordering in & being absolutely lazy

What I’m Here For

Week Two Slump: After the success of last week, I went back on my cooking grind. I didn’t cook the Magnolia Table Bow Tie Pasta last week, so I hit my mid-week slump by making it. Although I’ve loved the sweets that I’ve made, I haven’t really loved the main dishes. While the Bow Tie Pasta was waaaaay easier to make than last week’s, it was too cheesy and lacking some extra ooomf

Stretch It Out: Last week didn’t exactly go how I wanted it to, but I was back on my workout grind this week. On the Peloton Digital app for this week, I did: the Full Body Stretch, and Meditation for Healing classes. I’ve been going through some health problems so I wasn’t able to do a full workout like last week, but I’m excited to get back into it this week. 

Accountability: This week included a paycheck which is always exciting at first blush…until the bills arrived. Again, in full transparency, I spent the following: $57.00 on food, $45.00 on fuel, $420.00 for utilities, $30.00 on date night for Garrett and I, $37.00 on home expenses and $120.00 on credit card debt. For the sake of me, please don’t add that up but if you do, just pray for me lol. 

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50

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