Pardon My French


In the last decade, I traveled near and far and fell in love both through new places and new faces. At coffee with a friend, we were talking about three words that we would use to describe ourselves, and one that came to mind was, Francophile. 

When she asked me what a French-inspired woman embodies, I thought of so many different concepts that I feel like sharing in case anyone else wants to get their French on, and I don’t just mean kissing. 

Vintage & Classic: In 2019, I became familiar with the online/app store called The Real Real. I have also found my favorite (now made affordable) brand and started creating a stunning archive of bags, shoes and clothing from Chloé. The best part is that buying these items is clean and eco-responsible to our sweet, Mother Earth. France has been doing this forever and has the best vintage clothing. The benefits are two-fold: you save a dollar while saving the planet. 

Blooming: I’ve said it so many times but there’s nothing better than fresh flowers at home. Trader Joes has the cheapest and stunning flowers that you can display on their own or create your own bouquet. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: This can go hand-in-hand with shopping vintage, but recycling is so important. I pay to have a recycling bin at our home and picked up bi-weekly and it just feels good to recycle single-use plastics. A baby-step that I also started doing was purchasing soap bars instead of all the soaps. It’s cheaper and good for you, so I highly recommend this, too!

Vote: Being in a USA Election Year, it should be a no-brainer to be politically informed. It’s so important to be well-informed, whether you intend on voting or not. If anything, you’ll have some ammunition for family gatherings in your back pocket. Haha.

Weekenders: Weekend vacations have been proven to be mentally and emotionally better for you than longer ones, but I never say no to a vacation. For your weekend trips, go ahead and French it up by taking an extra day off.

Entertain Your Inner Sommelier: The French know wine and champagne, so host a wine tasting and stack up your charcuterie board.

Your Body is Your Temple: The most notable thing French women do is take care of their bodies. Whether it’s an at-home face mask, massage day or simply a manicure, there’s so much importance in taking care of your body. After all, we only get one life. 

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