Like Royalty




I recently booked a trip to Heidelberg and Paris for a reunion with my best friend before her wedding and a getaway for G’s graduation – so I’ve been feeling super positive about all of the planning. Last year, G and I went on a beach getaway to Puerto Rico and I’m excited to show him my home country as well as the city that turned me into a Francophile. 

That being said, I’ve been day-dreaming about schnitzel and strudel! Thus, leading us to Royal Bavaria

Y’all. This is some of the most authentic German food I have had in the United States and it’s hidden in Moore, Oklahoma. 

I had the schnitzel and spätzle in the most exquisite mushroom sauce and washed it down with a spezi (Fanta mixed with Cola). I can’t wait to bring Margaux there when she visits and pregame our European Adventure.

Photo Apr 22, 14 09 27

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