On Saturday, March 14, I received a call from my doctor that said I was at high risk for contracting Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19. At first, I was terrified for more reasons than one, but mainly because being Vitamin Deficient Anemic means that I don’t create enough red blood cells to fight off serious infections and viruses. 

But then I got real about it. There’s a lot unknown about this sneaky bastard floating through the air. But I’ve chosen to look at the positives and take preventative measures. The positives are that China is on the up-and-up. Korea is playing baseball again, which is a huge deal since I work in baseball. But, preventatively, I self-quarantined on the advice of my doctor on Monday, March 16 and here’s what I’ve been up to outside of working from home. 

Check in with your Inner Bibliophile: I’ve fallen behind on my current reading challenge this year, but being home is wonderful and I’m currently reading The Favorite Sister as I sip some tea on my couch.

Absorbing Nature: I love that it’s slowly starting to warm up where I live and Fenway and I are taking as many walks as we can around our neighborhood. We have the cutest park a block away from us and living next to a now-abandoned university means it’s more peaceful than ever!

Eat Real Meals: I’m really bad at only cooking microwave meals but it’s been super nice to use my kitchen for its intended purpose and fill my body with delicious and healthy foods. 

Enhancing my Skills: I love online courses and right now, Brit + Co is running a promotion for all of their classes being free until March 31! I’m currently doing the following classes: Create a Winning Instagram Strategy, Digital Illustration: Turn Your Photos into Art & Lettering for Lefties.

Blooming Internally & Externally: I’ve been wanting to do more to strengthen my green thumb so on Sunday, I planted five mini-roses since I had the time and I’m thrilled to bring some more life and color into my house!

I hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic & staying socially-distant. Soon, life will be back to normal and we can enjoy brunching and travelling again!

Photo Nov 05, 10 17 50


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