Packing a Picnic




One of my favorite things in the world is packing up a bag and going on a picnic – whether it’s at the beach or a side stroll in Germany, it’s an incredibly relaxing and peaceful way to spice up a meal or snack.

I don’t go on a lot of picnics in the United States mainly because the maintenance on parks and access to nature is just a little more complex. During this quarantine, G and I have been trying to make things a little different so that we can get out of the house and enjoy our favorite meals even though they’re al fresco.

We live a block away from a university so it’s perfect for the location with plenty of grassy-shady areas and a lot of quietness with students all being at home for the remainder of the semester. We have limited yard area, but if you have a gorgeous lawn or entertaining backyard then take full advantage of it!

I don’t have a classic picnic basket, although I do want one, but I have a fantastic Magnolia garden bag that’s perfect and durable for holding everything – from champagne to stone cheese boards!

Similarly, I didn’t have a picnic blanket but would use an oversized towel until recently. I found a phenomenal and practical, navy and white picnic blanket at Target recently and I am so glad I have it. If it’s too heavy to lug around, you can always go for an old throw or bed sheet that you don’t use except on laundry day.

I don’t typically do full-on meals for my picnics but utilize more shareable foods. I love bringing a gorgeous cheese board with some goat cheese, aged parmesan, sharp cheddar, prosciutto and peppered sausage to enjoy. I also throw in a fruit, like raspberries, and some rosemary-olive oil crackers. I’m a huge fan of enjoying my cheese boards with sparkling wine or champagne, but I’m all for bringing sweet tea to wash it all down if you’re heading towards a non-alcoholic look. 

If you plan on going on a picnic, let me know! I’d love to see your take on your snacking essentials!

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