Creating with Toxic Coworkers


You’ve heard of work-life balance, we all have. Your career & vocation, if they’re lucky enough to be the same thing, are fulfilling and enriching and make going to work a delight every day. Even through stress, you’re able to get your job done and feel satisfied and appreciated. Does that sound crazy? I’m sure it does but I’ve experienced that before, especially when I worked in Malibu. Unfortunately, sometimes the stress of work comes more from a toxic coworker and not really from hating your job. 

I’ve chatted with my therapist about this over many years and many jobs, so listen to this sage advice because this is free therapy for you. 

Try Not to let Their Actions Affect Your Work: This is so easier said than done, believe me, I know. I tend to let others’ actions really affect me but staying in my own lane is truly a god-send for these situations. My job is my responsibility and it’s up to me to do my best work. If negativity starts to develop from being in the same room as a coworker, it can really affect your work. My advice? Invest in noise cancellation headphones, take daily walks and continue with your work regime to keep up with productivity. 

Find Coping Mechanisms: I know your friends are not your therapists but I have very specific friends that I can talk to different things about. We betch about all things bothering us at work and it feels so good afterwards. If that’s not ideal & you like to keep your friendships lighter, then take extra care of yourself. Get a full night of sleep. Go on a run (I really recommend the Peloton Digital App). Start journaling! Leave your desk for lunch. Give yourself grace. 

Escalate, if Necessary: Sometimes the toxicity of a colleague will lead to you not meeting deadlines or doing your work properly and even harassment. If it gets to this level, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with speaking to your manager, boss or even HR. Companies need to be aware of what’s going on with their employees and how their brand is being represented.

I know, for a fact, that there’s nothing fun about being uncomfortable in the place where you literally spend your entire day. Hopefully these techniques help you out but if you have any other advice, please share in our comments – we’re always down to learn!

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