If I Had a Book Club


It’s summer-reading season although every season is reading season during this stage of our life, i.e. the pandemic. One of my greatest passions in life is the beauty of a well-written book. As I continue to curate my personal-home library, I thought I’d go ahead and share some of my favorite books of all time, the ones that I could read over and over again.

Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies: In order to save you from my rant with the first book on this list, I’ll go ahead and share my review of this self-acceptance book: I laughed, cried & fell in love with this literary masterpiece. I felt connected to the author and her to I. Thank you T$ for your genius and vulnerability. I will read this book again & again. It’s no surprise that I gave this book 5 (!!) stars.

Chasing Slow: This book brings to light so many things I struggle with, from religion to women’s issues and discovering happiness in the chase. This book sparked my journey to minimalism and how to see The Good List in every day. I gave this book 5 (!!) stars.

Cork Dork: This book truly made me want to become a sommelier. This book is exactly what it’s subtitle reads: a wine-fueled adventure among the obsessive sommeliers, big bottle hunters and rogue scientists who taught Bianca Bosker how to live for taste. And it’s incredible, perfect for perfecting your inner sommelier during your quarantine. I gave this book 4 stars. 

How to be Parisian Wherever You Are: Until I read Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies, this was my all-time favorite book and now it’s a tie. Four French women wrote their knowledge on how a Parisienne dresses, entertains, has fun and attempts to behave. I read this book at least once a year and always tap into a little more boldness with each page turn. I gave this book 5 (!!) stars. 

I Had a Nice Time and Other Lies…: I love the Betches, like their social media accounts are my favorite thing ever. I read this book when I was moving to Florida and just starting to think of what dating for real would really look like. This book guides you through dating apps, first dates, locking it down and going back to the drawing board. Basically the Bible for any betch looking for that ring by spring. I gave this book 4 stars.

I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: I have so much praise for this true crime literary masterpiece. The author, Michelle, died tragically while investigating the Golden State Killer case and her husband made her legacy known. This novel is a woman’s love child and obsession of the pursuit of the truth. I don’t want to give anything away, but even Stephen King said he loved this book. So you will too. I gave this book 5 (!!) stars. 

No Baggage: This minimalist tale of love & wandering is everything I want for my relationship. This memoir dives into ruminating on the challenges of traveling unencumbered, while navigating love, with no baggage. It’s light and lovely. I gave this book 5 (!!) stars. 

Sweetbitter: This coming-of-age vintage contemporary is a personal favorite. I believe there is now a television series, although I haven’t watched it. Tess works in New York City and the story follows her education in champagne, cocaine, love, lust, dive bars, fine dining rooms and navigating her newfound life and career. If you’ve ever moved to a new city or dream of it, this book is filled with the infinite possibilities of what it’s like. I gave this book 4 stars. 

The Widow Clicquot: This is truly one of my favorite books of all time. This biography of a champagne empire and the woman who ruled it educated and inspired me! This fascinating journey through the process of making champagne and the fascinating woman behind Veuve Clicquot will give you an insight on knowledge that’ll set you apart at any party or dinner you attend. I gave this book 5 (!!) stars. 

I truly love these books and hope you enjoy them too. For more information on what I’m reading, what I’ve read and what I would like to dive into, you can always follow me on my GoodReads account

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