Traveling during a Pandemic

Route 66

This week, Garrett and I were supposed to be going to Germany and France. It was a trip that I had been looking forward to for what felt like forever, but like so many others, that trip has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I’ve been in a bit of a slump because of it so Garrett suggested that we get out of town and enjoy ourselves, even if it isn’t anything spectacular. We’re going to Austin in a couple days and despite it being a hot spot, I’m pretty excited. I’m also terrified – travel can make you ill, no matter when or where you’re going. However, it turns out that there’s plenty of preventatives to keep you safe besides just using hand sanitizer and wearing a mask. 

Catch up on your Sleep: We all know that sleep is so, so important. I struggle with wanting to do everything and see everything, all while experiencing fun. But, I burn out pretty quickly. 

Don’t Drink like a Fish: I’m not a huge drinker when I’m at home and going to restaurants, but for some reason, when I’m on vacation I want a mimosa every morning and a glass of wine at all meals. Your immune system works harder when you’re healthy and an easy way to ensure golden health is to swap out that second round of bevvys for a glass of water, flat or sparkling. 

Which Leads to…: Now that we’re adding that glass of water, go ahead and keep it up to the point that you’re hydrated. If you’re traveling during the summer, this is especially important. As I head back into the South Texas sun, I’m going to go above and beyond the drink water, eat fruit and limit caffeine intake. 

Eat Right: Weirdly enough, I think I actually eat healthier when I’m on vacation, but for those that don’t, focus on eating foods that are easier for your body to digest. These foods have less fat, sugar and salt overall. I’m also down for a good charcuterie and cheese platter, but I know I should balance it out with a salad for lunch so that my stomach remains happy and less rumbling.

Obviously during this pandemic, traveling is going to look very different. I feel better knowing that we’ll take my car down there and be well supplied with masks for all public encounters. It’s also reassuring that my family members have been testing negative for the virus, so I feel safer knowing that we’re taking all of the precautions. And, honestly, I can’t wait to get out of the house!

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