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I am back from an exhausting trip to Austin. Exhausting? Correct! Not just from traveling in a pandemic, concerned about every move I made, but also due to my newfound furlough at work and car troubles on my return trip. 

But that’s not what we’re here for on this fine Wednesday! I am here to tell you about all of the excitement that was had. I did Austin a little different than I usually do but it was still so wonderful. So read on, sweet followers, for a look at something old and something new to do in ATX.

Irene’s: I’ve been to Irene’s once before when I lived in Austin, but I couldn’t remember how incredible it was. First off, the staff is incredible and the food is even better. I ate the All Day Breakfast Sandwich which I’m still salivating over as I type this. I also had their Frosé which could turn me into a rosé lover for the rest of my life. We even got featured on their Instagram, which is definitely a result of having the cutest dog ever. 

Alfred Coffee: This is no surprise at all, but of course I had to stop in at my favorite shop and grab a brew. On Friday, I had the all-time favorite of nitro cold brew but on Sunday I was adventurous with my chai latte, and y’all…it was incredible. No surprise there either, I expect nothing more or less. 

Kendra Scott Sips and Sweets: I used to work at Kendra Scott, at her flagship, and so after Güeros on Saturday, we moseyed on over there. While my sister and mum shopped, Garrett and I went and tried their frosé. It was out of this world and I’m not convinced that there was just wine in it, despite what they said. 

Zilker Park and Dog Park: I am so thrilled that I was finally able to take Fenway to Zilker. It’s literally been a dream of mine since I bought him! He had so much fun running around and sniffing all the good smells and it made me so happy to see him really just getting to sprint and interact with all his doggie friends! It also was a huge plus that it exhausted him for the rest of the day!

Trace at the W: This might be one of my new favorite brunch spots in Austin! I had the acai bowl with chia pudding and side of breakfast potatoes and I will never be the same again! It was so yummy and sadly, the phone didn’t eat first when it came to all the goodness that was in front of me. 

Traveling during COVID-19 was definitely bizarre but I’m so glad we went and left the house for just a little while. My advice: be flexible during this pandemic and wear your damn mask. 

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