Small Rental Updates





I am so freakin’ thrilled that for the first time in six (!!) years, I am living in one house for more than a year! Crazy how time flies when I’m not moving state-to-state or changing mailing addresses. With that being said, now that we’ve lived in our little casita for a year, it was time to really reevaluate the way I was decorating.

Living with the opposite gender is already difficult enough, but I wanted to represent both of our styles in the living room. Over the couch, we used to have a Prada Marfa canvas hanging but it was time to make it a little more homey.

The two easiest ways to upgrade were through photos and prints.

Photos: I know a lot of people don’t print photos anymore, since there is safety in showcasing our memories on social media. I’m a huge advocate of printing out your favorite photos and personalizing your space by framing them. I found my gold and black square frames at Hobby Lobby and pulled some simple memories of G and I at my Opa’s 80th birthday in 2019 and our family photo from our drive to Magnolia.

Prints: There are so many incredible prints on Etsy, if you’re like me and can’t afford the real deal just yet. I’ve linked our Picasso Dachshund and the Hi Print. Unfortunately, the Picasso Lovers print is no longer available but we purchased it from Metis Art Prints and absolutely lover their stuff! Garrett and I both have H initials, so we snagged some block letters to go next to The Office Floorplan print that G got me for my 23rd birthday.

How are you updating your rental? Be sure to share your tricks of the trade with us!

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