Getting Married!

G and I are getting MARRIED! It doesn’t really feel real or like anything has changed, but after announcing it on social media and sharing it via FaceTime with all of my closest friends, it’s starting to become more real. Obviously, I’ll be keeping you all updated with the wedding ventures as they come but we are planning for a pretty lengthy engagement – thanks to a worldwide pandemic. 

For those who don’t know, G and I have been together for a little over two years. On our third date/third day of knowing each other, G told me that he was going to marry me. I’m not sure if it was a Freudian slip or meant to freak me out, but it aged very well. Once we started quarantining, we started talking seriously about what our future looked like but I had no idea when it would happen. I knew Garrett had bought a ring in June but through furloughs and law school, there was no telling when we would do the dang thing. 

Now the proposal story…

As we were house sitting for G’s parents, we ordered takeout from our favorite pizza place in Oklahoma, Hall’s Pizza Kitchen. We ate our pizza, joked around a bit and then I went into the living room while he went outside. While he was outside, he spoke to both of my parents on the phone. When he came back in, he sat down across from me and said…

“I need to ask you something”

Now, I want to keep what was shared between us because it was one of the most sacred and intimate moments of my life but when he asked me to marry him and opened the ring box, I obviously said yes! 

Right after, we popped champagne that my sister had given me a month before and enjoyed the hot tub while the winter breeze circled around us. We FaceTimed my closest friends and family and shared all of the news between our closest people before announcing it the next day on social media. 

It was truly the perfect proposal for two lovestruck introverts and I’ll always remember that we did it because we truly love each other and not just for the ‘gram. 

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