The Bebe Edit: A French, Winnie the Pooh Shower

2020 seems to be the year for either having babies or making them (I guess we’ll blame that on an eight month pandemic)! With my sister’s firstborn making an appearance this year and so many friends have sweet little girls, it’s difficult to contain my excitement. 

I consider myself well-versed in the way of party planning. That being said, when it came down to throw Heidi a baby shower, I leaned all in! I’m so excited to finally share all of the details of the baby shower with you all. We had Heidi’s friends from high school to post-grad and even some family meet together and it was absolutely magical.

We were heavily reliant on what COVID-19 was looking like so we only planned the shower at 6 weeks in advance…I don’t recommend that haha. Heidi’s best friend is from Florida and a nurse so it was important to wait and see what days she had off before we could have the go-ahead. Once the planning started, I searched all of Pinterest and couldn’t find a theme that screamed memorable. Heidi wanted to incorporate Winnie the Pooh and I decided to step it up and merge it with French vibes to get a wonderfully soft and vintage feel. 

From the welcome sign to the invitations, the flowers and charcuterie board, it all turned out so cute. I was obsessed with planning all of the little details so we added Pooh to the onesie cookies, had little family pictures of Heidi and her husband scattered around and even had Winnie the Pooh masks to stay pandemic safe. My proudest accomplishment was the charcuterie board that I did from start to finish and in just about twenty minutes! I also did all of the floral arrangements and was so proud of how soft and romantic they were!

The idea that came to me while planning that could be really helpful for anyone would be the guest book. Does anyone truly want a random notebook with signatures, collecting dust? I personally don’t think so. I ordered an vintage Winnie the Pooh book and had the guests leave little notes inside of it so that it can be something sweet and nostalgic to look back on, as well as being useful and read to baby O!

Everything went off without a hitch and I’m so genuinely proud of how everything turned out! It couldn’t have gone better! 

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