A No-Stress Season

I cannot believe at all that it is December and that there is only one month left of 2020. As we enter the holidays, it’s perfectly normal to feel burned out and even more so in a global pandemic.

I started my shopping extra early this year because I’ve been on unemployment since my furlough in July, so I totally get balling on a budget, checking the list twice and sticking to them! If you’re anything like me, you spend months curating the perfect gifts for everyone on your list and I strongly rely on my Google Docs to keep everything put together from idea to purchasing to being wrapped under the tree. 

If you’re all for staying organized and ahead of schedule like me, then it’s beyond important to keep the stress low-key. So, here’s my helpful hints to be stress free and hopefully you can do the same. 

Avoid Overbooking: This one feels pretty easy with social distancing and staying safe at home, but for those enjoying small gatherings, I know how easy it is to RSVP yes to everything. My advice is to allow yourself time to breathe and pencil alone time into your calendar in between the chaos. This will block out time to unwind and take care of yourself, whether it’s binging Netflix, cuddling with your dog or bringing your Pinterest recipe board to life. 

Stay on top of your Gift List: I always over-shop and over-spend but giving gifts is 100% my love language so there’s no guilt with it! If you enjoy Google Drive, the Notes app on your phone or writing it down, it’s important to designate one place for all of your lists. I have a Word doc with gifts that are still needed to be purchased on a bullet point list and then a Spreadsheet doc to track budgeting and spending per person. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle & Diet: The better I eat, the better I feel and I’m sure you do the same. The holidays make it easy to skip the salad for the cheese balls and the water for the mulled wine. I think there’s nothing wrong with eating an entire pan of cookies, but it doesn’t hurt to add some healthier options in the mix as well. It’s called balance people! 

Start your Travel Planning and Gift Buying NOW: It may only be the first week of December but flights book up fast and if you plan on quarantining before socializing, your calendar will book up fast. There’s nothing more stressful than scrambling to put together a last minute travel itinerary of running out to buy gifts on Christmas Eve, so stay ahead of the curve!

If you have any other helpful hints for decking the halls and staying calm, then please share them! 

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